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The Elder Scrolls Online Features

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Interview: The MMO's Lead Gameplay Designer spills the beans.

After going hands-on with the game for several hours we got the chance to sit down with Nick Konkle, the Lead Gameplay Designer for The Elder Scrolls Online. We grill him on where single player meets MMOs, making players feel epic, and the game’s influences. Strategy Informer: The obvious question for someone as...

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Preview: Is this the game you're looking for?

The Elder Scrolls is a series that can easily be reduced into the context of a playground slanging match. For some, Bethesda's seminal franchise is a rich tapestry of RPG finery that some people 'just don't get' while for others it's a game that 'feels quiet, empty, and a bit dead really'. For the record, I started with the second instalment in this series: Daggerfall....

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Preview: Chris Capel would've played more of Bethesda's promising MMO, but then he took an arrow to the knee..

I once predicted that there was no way in hell that Bethesda were ever going to make an Elder Scrolls MMO. I thought it’d make the single-player games obsolete if they put all of Tamriel in a single title. I made this prediction just two months before Bethesda announced The Elder Scrolls Online, and my mouth dropped... well, until I saw it. Along with the rest of the...

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Preview: Four hours hands-on with Bethesda’s MMO behemoth..

When The Elder Scrolls Online was first revealed via a Game Informer cover in May of this year my first thought was pretty simple: they’re insane. I mean, think about it. First off, they’re launching a new MMO in the current climate. Established franchise or not, MMO after MMO has failed of late. Titles like Star Trek Online and Final Fantasy XIV have been abject...

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Preview: Return to Vvardenfell in the latest chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online.

When The Elder Scrolls Online launched back in April 2014, I think it’s safe to say the reception to the game was fairly negative. Zenimax Online Studios felt they slowly addressed their initial problems, primarily by making the game feel more like an Elder Scrolls game by adding more open world systems. The developers also released the console versions of the game a year later and removed the mandatory...