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Nordic Games reveals The Guild 3

Nordic Games reveals The Guild 3

Nordic Games, with help from Canadian developers GolemLabs, have revealed The Guild 3. Blending strategy, historical life simulation and economic simulation, players will get their build their dynasty in any way they see fit. You can trust GolemLabs to make a quality strategy game, after all, they did make SuperPower 2 back in 2004.

The AI in The Guild 3 is supposedly going to set a new benchmark for the genre, according to Nordic Games’ press release. “The extraordinarily adaptive AI system, the EHE (Evolutive Human Emulator), will set new standards for economic simulations,” claims The Guild’s press release. Using a system of six character attributes as well as the AI’s ability to adapt to any need and motivation system, this enables the incredible behaviour patterns to emerge and develop, drastically changing the game by making it incredibly immersive.

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