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The Red Solstice update adds new Point Capture game mode

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Ironward  has released a big new content update for its action-RTS hybrid The Red Solstice, adding a new game mode, multiplayer bots and a medal upgrade system.

Point Capture is apparently a response to fan requests for shorter, punchier game modes, an eight player capture-and-defend challenge for up to eight players.

The Red Solstice will have a full singleplayer campaign when it launches in July

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Co-op survival game The Red Solstice will be getting a whole single player campaign "offering between 7 and 30 hours" of gameplay when the game launches on July 9, developer Ironward has announced.

It's slightly surprising, because we'd previously thought the game would remain an 8-player co-operative game in which players charge around a huge map completing objectives and splatting aliens with assault rifles.

Co-op shooter The Red Solstice gets new map and extra missions in Pitch Black update

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The Red Solstice is an eight-player co-op game set on Mars, where you and your friends take on the role of burly space marine types with a penchant for heavy weaponry, tasked with cleansing the planet of unpleasant alien critters.

The Early Access shooter has just received a new update titled 'Pitch Black', which features a new industrial themed map, four new missions and an overhaul of several combat skills for the various classes.

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