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Preview: It's no mirage – I'm tellin' all y'all its sabotage!.

We remember seeing The Saboteur for the first time two years ago, being mildly intrigued by the first screenshots and then it seemingly dropped off the radar altogether. Perhaps it was the prospect of yet another game based during World War II that made it so easy to forget about, but having been given the chance to see the game up close, we can confidently report that this is no ordinary...

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Interview: We chat to Pandemic about their Sunday matinee style WWII title, The Saboteur.

Strategy Informer: We know that The Saboteur is partly based upon a true story. What would you say are the key factual elements you’ve retained for the game?Pandemic: The Saboteur is more inspired by a true story than based on. We were inspired by real life Grand Prix champion William Grover-Williams who was a real driver for...