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The Settlers Online introduces PvP and enhanced battles on test servers

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Ubisoft and Blue Byte's The Settlers Online has just expanded a little more with the new PvP mode and an "enhanced battle system" to go along with it. Right now it's just on test servers.

It's expected to fully launch to the final game this winter, and features "special generated adventure islands," which can be conquered, defended and stolen from other players. Signups are open.

Themed football events launched for Settlers Online and ANNO Online

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Ubisoft and developer Blue Byte have launched football-themed special events for multiplayer city-builders The Settlers Online and ANNO Online. Personally, after watching England's four-yearly humiliation, I'm pretty sick of football right now. Those of you from competent footballing nations might be more favourable.

During both events players will collect as many footballs as possible to "earn and unlock powerful and valuable items in-game".

Ubisoft celebrate Easter with Anno and The Settlers Online

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Special events are scheduled for Anno Online and The Settlers Online as Ubisoft celebrates Easter, the holiday of the sacred chocolate egg hiding bunny rabbit. Easter Eggs are dotted all over the land.

There are also special Easter-themed buildings to be unlocked. The Easter Event begins today and runs until April 29th for Anno Online. The Raving Rabbids Statue returns for The Settlers.

The Settlers Online annual Christmas Event begins December 12th

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It's time to start gathering presents as Ubisoft is launching the annual Christmas Event for The Settlers Online tomorrow, December 12th. Presents become a special resource during this time, so get mining.

The lands in the game will be covered in snow and littered with presents, which can be collected and exchanged for special Christmas items. Santa will be leading a special quest hub.

The Settlers Online gets high level epic raids in new update

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Blue Byte has announced that The Settlers Online will now have high level epic raids for level 50 players. Epic raids will feature powerful enemies, magical resources and exclusive rewards accessible only for high level players.

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