The Sims 3: Design & High-Tech Stuff Summary

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EA announce The Sims 3: Showtime, a "huge step forward" for the franchise

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For the first time in the long running franchise, gamers can send their Sims into a friends world where they can perform at venues. The players share rewards and watch their Sims rise in fame.

You can "live the dream as singers, acrobats, magicians and DJs." It works through the new SimPort feature, where you can send your Sim to attend gigs or even go on tour.

Will Wright's Bar Karma TV show

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The legendary creator of all things Sim - Will Wright - has unveiled his next big project and it's a TV show where viewers 'decide and vote' what happens.

It's called Bar Karma and each episode will be 30 minutes long, with registered users submitting plot ideas, and then vote on the short-listed ones.

Red Dead Redemption holds top of UK charts, The Sims add-on 6th

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EA's new The Sims 3: Ambitions expansion pack has released and came in at a handsome 6th place, being just a PC title and all. Top dog is...

...Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption for yet another week in the UK charts. Stock shortages are still hitting some regions. 1st next week?

Rumour: EA casting The Sims back to medieval times? Maybe sire

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Yes it's yet another rumour for the pile. EA have been spotted with their dirty mitts all over 'medieval' domain names with 'Sims' all cosied up.

Addresses like and are just 2 of the latest Internet grabs from EA. Add-on or a full release?