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Troubled dino-hunter title The Stomping Land removed from sale on Steam

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Sad news for dinosaur fans and, more importantly, backers who supported developer Supercrit's dino-hunting survival game The Stomping Land - after an extended period of silence from its lead developer, the game appears to have been removed from sale on Steam Early Access.

Though the game's Steam store page is still accessible, there's no longer an option to buy it. There's been no official announcement from Valve or Supercrit as to exactly why the game's no longer available. Doesn't take a genius to work it out, though.

The Stomping Lands developer claims game is alive and kicking, says he's moving it across to Unreal Engine 4

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We reported earlier this week on concerns amongst backers of dinosaur survival game The Stomping Land, who hadn't heard from creator Alex Fundora for over a month, despite the developer promising weekly updates.

Some possible good news here - Fundora has been in contact with Kotaku, and claims the reason for the lack of communication is that he's been busy porting the game over to the Unreal Engine 4.

The Stomping Land developers go quiet, to the concern of backers and Early Access owners

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Well this kind of sucks. Dino-hunting survival game The Stomping Land seemed like a great potential alternative to Day Z and Rust when it was successfully Kickstarted last Summer, earning $114,000 from an initial goal of just $20,000.

Since its Early Access launch in May this year, however, there have been almost no updates for the game, and backers are beginning to worry about the future of the project.

New The Stomping Land clips shows off dino taming and mounting

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Indie developer Alex Fundora released a brief clip from his dino multiplayer survival game The Stomping Land showing a player taming then mounting a carnotaur.

The Stomping Land merges Day Z with Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

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What happens when you mix the massively multiplayer open world survivalist shooter Day Z with Turok: Dinosaur Hunter? You get The Stomping Land, where players not only have to survive starvation and predatory dinosaurs, but other players as well.