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Thief II: the Metal Age Summary

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Thief 2: The Metal Age HD graphics mod coming out this week

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Thief 2: The Metal Age is a wonderful game, but it's also looking a little long in the tooth these days. Luckily the team behind The Thief 2 Texture Mod thinks the same, which is why they've given the stealth action game a brand new lick of paint.

The mod is out this week on August 8, and you can find it over at

Eidos keeping stuff that "looks weird and is mystical" in Thief, but not zombies

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There'll be a turning down of crazy in Eidos Montreal's new Thief, but that doesn't mean they won't stay mystical. It's important that players can connect to the "realistic believable aspect" of Garrett's world.

The studio have kept in the mystical, but not the magical, and no they will "not have zombies in this one." We were teased about a certain Thief tradition being followed when it comes to levels.

Eidos Montreal production floor now "occupied by" Thief 4

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Art director Jonathan Jacques-Belletete of Deus Ex: Human Revolution has said that Thief 4 production is going full swing while their team winds down.

The Deus Ex team take a "lesser space" than Thief 4 as of now. The teams are "entirely separate" with "no role at all" shared. It'll "rock your shorts."

GDC to hold Thief 4 audio talk, 'first time its been spoken about'

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Square Enix has a session titled 'Stealing Sound: Generative Music in THIEF' for this year's GDC, with the blurb hinting it will include Thief 4 (Thi4f).

It will promote that studios should "embrace alternative music models" to address "linearity" issues in games, and to 'push away from film'.