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Crytek 'approve' of TimeSplitters mod powered by CryEngine

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A Facebook group for TimeSplitters with 100,000 supporters has just been blessed by developer Crytek. Its leader, Daniel Wesoly, has been given the nod to put together a mod team for the series.

The plan is to use Crytek's fancy CryEngine tech to produce their own title, and Wesoly hopes they'll "let us use assets from the original TimeSplitters game" for that added spice.

Ex-Free Radical devs discuss TimeSplitters 4's failure to happen

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Ever wondered what happened to the TimeSplitters franchise? Ex-Free Radical devs Karl Hilton (now Crytek managing director) and Steve Ellis (co-creator of TS) recently discussed the reasons why another game hasn't been made.

Cevat Yerli "would be very happy" if TimeSplitters petition reaches 300k

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President Cevat Yerli of Crysis developer Crytek is "a big fan" of TimeSplitters 2, so he personally would love a "newborn HD version or what not." Business wise it doesn't make much sense... yet.

The current petition calling for a HD collection "doesn’t look that convincing" with just over 36k signatures. Should it reach the goal of 300k then Yerli would "put in front of decision makers" at Crytek.

Crytek teases free-to-play Timesplitters 4

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Fans of the Timesplitters series keeps getting teased by Crytek's coy remarks on the prospects of Timesplitters 4. Founder Cevat Yerli has now hinted that Timesplitters 4 could be a free-to-play project.

Ex-Free Radical dev: Nobody makes money on FPS unless it's Call of Duty

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According to former Free Radical co-founder Steve Ellis, publishers refuse to stray from the Call of Duty template, chiefly because "pretty much every first person shooter loses money". This is something the developer discovered when trying to get Timesplitters 4 backed.

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