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Total War: ARENA Is Free For A Week

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Play the game for free from November 24 to December 4 and get permanent access to the closed beta.

With A Sharp And More Narrow Focus In Time, 'Total War Saga' Are A New Breed Of Total War

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Panning for more Total War? There's a lot more on the way. Shaking up their usually timeline of Total War plans, Sega have now announced a whole-new series of games based around the established franchise.

A New Race Comes To Total War: Warhammer As The Total War Teams Spill Everything

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It's difficult to pin-point exactly when Sega and the Total War teams decide to update us collectively on their projects; but today is one of those days.

Here's Everything The Total War Teams Are Currently Working On

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In an effect to better keep its players up to date with the continuously expanding Total War franchise, the teams have begun a collective thread over on the Total War forums to keep players in the loop when it comes to progress with each currently relevant title.

SEGA Teams Up With Wargaming To Bring Total War: Arena To The Masses

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Teaming up with the folks behind mega-hit World of Tanks, SEGA and Creative Assembly have pledged their Total War: Arena free-to-play title to this surprise partnership.

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