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Creative Assembly and NetEase Partner to Publish Total War in China

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The historical titles in the Total War series will be published in China by NetEase, alongside the freshly announced CCG Total War: Elysium.

The Best Strategy Games on PC

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From antiquity to the far future, the strategy genre allows players to command armies and build empires in a variety of scenarios. Here is our list of best strategy games on PC.

Next Historical Total War Will Be Set In "A Brand New Era" [UPDATE: New Expansion For Rome II Incoming!]

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Creative Assembly have three new Total War games in production alongside Warhammer 3, including an expansion to an older game and a title set in a new period of history - could this be Total War: China at last?

Sega releases '15 years of Total War' retrospective video; teases Warhammer adaptation in the process

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To celebrate fifteen years of Total War games, Sega has released a retrospective video that charts the course of franchise from inception to present day.

Most tantalizingly, the trailer also appears to tease the Total War: Warhammer game that developer Creative Assembly apparently has on the boil but has yet to make official.

EGX: Creative Assembly announce new Total War in live stream @ 4PM GMT+1

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Stop sacking Rome for 5 minutes and pay attention. Today Creative Assembly will be announcing where the drums of Total War are going next in their live streamed EGX presentation today @ 4PM GMT+1.

There's been much speculation on time periods, but rumours also speak of another IP universe as the setting? Some photos have leaked from EGX showing off some scale armour.

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