Total War: Three Kingdoms Latest Updates

Total War: Three Kingdoms - Eight Princes DLC Gets August Release Date

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Total War: Three Kingdom's first DLC, the Eight Princes Chapter Pack was revealed today alongside a release date scheduled for early next month.

Total War Three Kingdoms Patch Notes - Family and Court Update

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This major update for Three Kingdoms brings about major changes to Family Tree UI and various character-related mechanics and features, among a slew of other additions and alterations.

Total War Three Kingdoms Mod Support released for Steam Workshop

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It didn't take long for Total War Three Kingdoms mod support to hit! Here's how it works and what to expect as a content creator.

Total War: Three Kingdoms Blood DLC Video Showcases Most Gruesome Kills

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The newest Total War: Three Kingdoms video gives us a glimpse at the gruesomest kills we can see in its gore-filled Reign of Blood DLC.

Total War Three Kingdoms Blood DLC - When is it Coming?

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It's not Total War if there aren't limbs and heads being lobbed left and right, as well as a river of crimson sweeping over troops' feet. Where is Total War Three Kingdoms Blood DLC?

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