Total War: Three Kingdoms Summary

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Total War: THREE KINGDOMS System Requirements Revealed

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Total War is looking prettier than ever in its latest rendition. It will, however, require a hefty rig to run at max settings.

Total War: Three Kingdoms Unveils First Look at Dong Zhuo

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The tyrant promises a different set of gameplay features than most other warlords.

Records Mode Announced for Total War: Three Kingdoms

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If you're not a fan of romanticising and glorifying historical leaders, Records Mode is what you'll definitely be interested in!

Total War: Three Kingdoms Delayed Until May

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Creative Assembly has decided to delay Total War: Three Kingdoms until May "to make sure it's great".

Dong Zhuo Revealed As Total War: Three Kingdoms' Twelfth Playable Faction

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Dong Zhuo and his adopted son Lü Bu use fear as cruelty as their main weapons in Total War: Three Kingdoms.

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