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Get your cigars and Castro hats ready, it's time to return to Kaylpso's tropical dictatorship.

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Tropico 5 Complete Collection announced, coming January 29

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For those who have not experienced the thrills of being El Presidente, Kalypso Media has announced Tropico 5 Complete Collection, which will include all of the expansions and downloadable content ever released for the Banana Republic political simulator where you take on the role of a dictator ruling a small Caribbean nation. It will be released on 29th January, 2016.

Tropico 5 update includes five new island maps and support for Steam Workshop, new T-Day DLC

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El Presidente now endorses the Steam Workshop in the latest update for Tropico 5 on PC. The city-building banana republic simulator has been updated to 1.10, and there's an extra five island maps for free.

There's now a Map & Mission editor for Tropican patriots to create their own islands and scenarios to share. Lastly, there's the new T-Day DLC for Tropico 5 which is all about fortresses and blockbusters.

Tropico 5 now features spy-craft as Espionage releases

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The latest expansion to Haemimont Games' Tropico 5 is now out among the masses. El Presidente is empowered by his own covert agents in the field.

New police and military buildings are available with Espionage, as well as new spy mechanics. We'll have to keep the good people of Tropico safe from meddlesome Global Powers.

Tropico 5 expands next week with spies, intrigue and police blimps

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El Presidente must defend his tropical island paradise from "foreign agents at all costs" in the latest Tropico 5 expansion. Next week the Espionage add-on will be released and with it a new campaign spanning six missions.

There are also nine new spy and military buildings, four new island maps, new music, new avatar costumes and accessories, new sandbox tasks and events, and the new spy mechanics.

Tropico 5 embraces eco-friendly image with Gone Green DLC

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El Presidente wants to do PR damage control and the new Gone Green DLC helps him not only clean up his image, but literally clean up the island of Tropico itself. This new Tropico 5 DLC is out today.

It introduces the "clean, renewable source" of wind power with the new Wind Farm. That should help offset all that crude oil we're pumping out to the Superpowers. A new island and scenario are included.

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