Tropico 5 Features

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Preview: El Presidente is back. Again (again).

Gooooddd Morning Tropico! Kalypso, bless their hearts, may not have as many success stories as they’d like, but they can always count on the Tropico franchise to do well. Ever since Haemimont took the reins, the Tropico games have actually been pretty good, and now they’re set to get even better with Tropico 5. Not content with just making minor, iterative...

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Interview: El Presidente enters the big leagues.

Fresh(ish) from our optimistic impressions from GamesCom, we’re back to give you some more information on Tropico 5. We sat down with project frontman Bisser Dyankov, to try and get some more information from him before El Presidente’s troops burst in and kill us all. Enjoy! Strategy Informer: You’ve mentioned the Dynasty...