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Two Point Hospital: Update v1.04 - Character Customisation and Mysterious Features Coming Soon

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An impressive list of changes, copy/pasting rooms, and mysterious features ahoy...

Two Point Hospital Demo: Is there a demo for Two Point Hospital?

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Is there a Two Point Hospital demo? The game's out now, but is there any way to try it before you buy it?

Two Point Hospital: Copy and Paste Rooms Option Coming Next Update

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Developers of this charming strategy sim are hard at work on fixing all of the game's bugs and problems, but that doesn't mean some pretty important quality-of-life tweaks aren't on the way, too!

Two Point Hospital 1.02 Patch Notes - Denuvo Gone In Hotfix v1.02

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There's a new Two Point Hospital hotfix out this week, and we've got the Patch Notes for update 1.02!

Two Point Hospital Replaces Denuvo With Steam DRM

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The rather substantial update that replaces Denuvo with Valve's DRM is set to launch sometime this week, alongside a neat list of fixes to boot.

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