Two Point Hospital Latest Updates

Two Point Hospital's Special Multiplayer Mode Launches this April

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The popular hospital management sim is getting a cool new game feature that's going to let you complete challenges with friends at your side: Two Point Hospital multiplayer is coming!

Two Point Hospital Overgrowth - Beat the Pebberley Island Overgrowth Level

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Overgrowth is the second level in the Two Point Hospital Pebberley Island DLC expansion, but it's a tough one - here's how to complete the Two Point Hospital Overgrowth DLC level!

Two Point Hospital Giveaway! We've Got 5 Copies To Be Won, and It's Easy To Enter!

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To celebrate the release of the new Pebberley Island DLC expansion, we're giving away 5 copies of Two Point Hospital - one of our favourite games of 2018 and the spiritual successor to Theme Hospital!

Two Point Hospital DLC - Do you need to finish the game to play Pebberley Island?

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Do you need to have finished or got to a certain point to play the new Two Point Hospital DLC, Pebberley Island? We've got the answer.

Half-Life Headcrabs Invade Two Point Hospital Free Weekend

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Two Point Hospital is getting a Free Weekend filled with headcrabs and items from other Sega IPs.

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