Two Point Hospital Summary

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Two Point Hospital's Sign-up Reward Revealed

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Fans looking forward to Two Point Hospital, the spiritual successor to Theme Hospital, can unlock a special item by signing up for Hospital Pass, a free mailing list for updates on the game.

Two Point Hospital Reveals First Extended Gameplay

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The Theme Hospital spiritual successor from the ex-Bullfrog and Lionhead team at Two Point Studios has only had a few gameplay snippets up until now.

Two Point Hospital Has A New Behind The Scenes Video

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Watch the development team talk about the game's hopes and inspirations.

What Theme Hospital Fans Want To See In Two Point Hospital

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The spiritual sequel to Bullfrog's classic Theme Hospital is on its way from many of the same developers. Here are the features we as fans want to see in Two Point Hospital!

SEGA announces Two Point Hospital, the spiritual sequel to Theme Hospital [UPDATE #2: Bullfrog and Lionhead composer Russell Shaw joins]

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Two Point Hospital is the first game from the ex-Bullfrog and Lionhead team at Two Point Studios, and is heavily influenced by Bullfrog's classic Theme Hospital.