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Two Point Hospital Pebberley Island DLC Review.

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Two Point Hospital Giveaway! We've Got 5 Copies To Be Won, and It's Easy To Enter!

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To celebrate the release of the new Pebberley Island DLC expansion, we're giving away 5 copies of Two Point Hospital - one of our favourite games of 2018 and the spiritual successor to Theme Hospital!

The Best Strategy Games of 2018

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What were the Best Strategy Games of 2018? In case you're wondering if you've missed any, here is the list of strategy games that people and critics rated the highest in 2018.

Two Point Hospital DLC - Do you need to finish the game to play Pebberley Island?

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Do you need to have finished or got to a certain point to play the new Two Point Hospital DLC, Pebberley Island? We've got the answer.

Half-Life Headcrabs Invade Two Point Hospital Free Weekend

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Two Point Hospital is getting a Free Weekend filled with headcrabs and items from other Sega IPs.

Two Point Hospital Expansion 2 Will Take You on an Indiana Jones Adventure

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The second major DLC for the game, Two Point Hospital expansion 2 is Pebberley Island, and it adds three new adventure-themed islands for you to heal - and it's out this month.

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