Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar Summary

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Bioware chose Ultima IV over Ultima VII for Ultima Forever

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Ultima Forever creative director Paul Barnett revealed that when remaking Ultima as a free-to-play online RPG, the team had a choice between basing it on Ultima IV or Ultima VII. The team went with the former because of limited resources and because the team just loved its story.

BioWare Mythic "can't make all Ultima fans happy" but hope they 'enjoy nostalgia'

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Ultima franchise producer Jeff Skalski talks about BioWare Mythic's work on the upcoming Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar. The team is cognisant that not everyone can be catered for.

In that regard Skalski hopes fans can at least "enjoy the nostalgic elements" that give "clear nods to the past" of the series. They enshrine "the eight virtues as a core pillar" to gameplay.

Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar is "a story of a journey with choice"

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The Ultima reboot in the works is more than "just a dungeon crawl game with friends," because it's team BioWare behind the project and they know a thing or two about RPG worlds.

The Mass Effect and Dragon Age creator will be focusing on story and choice in Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar, which has a "more visceral feel" than its turn-based predecessors.

BioWare announces free-to-play cross-platform Ultima Forever

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An action RPG that's free-to-play and supporting cross-platform play? Well that must be BioWare's freshly announced Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar. Now, fighter or mage?

We're tasked with questing alone or with chums as we sword fight or fireball hurl our way to saving Britannia, as assigned to us by Lady British. Beta sign-ups have begun for Avatars.

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