Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians Summary

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Unsung Story developer Little Orbit teases "a significant announcement" this month

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The new developer of Final Fantasy Tactics successor Unsung Story promises to make a big announcement this month in their latest Kickstarter update.

New Unsung Story developer Little Orbit continues to throw Playdek under the bus

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In previous updates Little Orbit have complained about mismanagement by original developer Playdek of Unsung Story's development, but in the most recent update they go into detail on just how far Playdek got from the game people actually wanted.

New Unsung Story developer reveals more details how Playdek mismanaged the Kickstarter campaign

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Little Orbit took over the infamous Final Fantasy Tactics-inspired Unsung Story in August and are now desperately trying to undo all the damage Playdek did.

Unsung Story developer Playdek calls it quits, Little Orbit will develop the game from scratch

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The troubled Kickstarter RPG from Final Fantasy Tactics creator Yasumi Matsuno will have the last 3 years of development thrown out.

Kickstarter-funded project Unsung Story delayed indefinitely

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Another group of Kickstarter backers have found the game they funded put into purgatory. Yasumi Matsuno, best known for Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story, and Playdek have announced that Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians is in indefinite hiatus, as the developer has put it off in favor of other projects.

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