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Petroglyph's Victory Kickstarter falls through

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Petroglyph's bid to fund Victory through Kickstarter has failed. The team, who suffered recent lay-offs when Trion took the End of Nations development from it to finish the game in-house, recently updated its Kickstarter page to confirm the news.

Petroglyph releases gameplay video for Victory

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Petroglyph has released a developer walkthrough showing off early gameplay action in their Kickstartered real-time strategy game Victory.

Victory is Petroglyph's 'MOTA', studio "very cautious" of pay-to-win pitfalls

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In our chat with Petroglyph's lead designer Evan Humphreys, we discussed their newly announced Victory action-strategy that's just begun a Kickstarter campaign. The developer is looking for $700k.

It's a little difficult to finely label Victory, but Humphreys is happy with 'MOTA', a "multiplayer online tactical arena", as opposed to MOBA, a term that "could apply to just about any" online game.

Petroglyph announces Victory on Kickstarter, a team-based action-strategy for $700k

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End of Nations and Star Wars: Empire at War developer Petroglyph Games has started their very own Kickstarter campaign for Victory, a WW2 themed action-strategy set in the Africa theatre.

It's the Desert Rats vs. the Afrika Korps "using RTS-like controls" in typically fast game sessions of 15-20 minutes. Our units are finite with each battle rewarding more.