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Interview: Strategy Informer talks with Josh Bishop and William Phelps to find out more about Dungeon Keeper's Spiritual Successor War For the Overworld.

The 90's might be long gone, along with Yo-Yos, Neil Buchanan, and those mini skateboards, but in the minds of a few indie developers, it remains indefinitely. Subterranean Games are the latest to take their wild eyed dreams to Kickstarter, and are posing a single question: do you like Dungeon Keeper? If the answer is yes, followed by an Al Pacino table slam, then War for the Overworld might just be your...

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Preview: Embrace your inner Sauron.

Genre experts long thought that the dungeon management sim was extinct, its once-lush environment turned to ash and disappointment by the worst excesses of corporate free-to-play pollution. Luckily for fans, it turns out that might not actually be the case. War for the Overworld, Subterranean Games’ Kickstarted homage to cult hits like Dungeon Keeper and Evil Genius, is on the way out of early access later this...

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Interview: Dungeon Keeping down memory lane: Subterranean talk War for the Overworld.

Rose-tinted glasses. We all own a pair, at least figuratively. They’re dangerous items - ones which force us to recall all that is good about certain events, memories or eras of our pasts; conveniently forgetting all or most of what was bad. Hey, it’s human nature, but that’s rarely of consolation when living in the harsh realities of the present day. If you’re a fan of the