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War For the Overworld Latest News

Welcome The Democorn To War of the Overworld's Festive 'Crucible' Update

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When you're gunning for a game with a dark sense of humour, you can't get closer than adding a bit of festive cheer to the managing of a dungeon. Welcome to War for the Overworld's December update.

Subterranean: War for the Overworld delay would have caused "serious financial harm"

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Spiritual successor War for the Overworld from Subterranean Games released not too long ago, despite needing more time in Early Access to iron out bugs and, well, actually finish the game for a v1.0 release.

However the "wheels were well and truly in motion" and they couldn't slam the brakes on "without serious financial harm." The team acknowledge the sorry state of affairs, adding they're "truly disappointed in ourselves".

War for the Overworld officially launches today, v1.0 goes live @ 1.00pm EDT / 6.00pm GMT + 1

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Today marks the official launch of Subterranean Games' War for the Overworld, which finally claws its way out of Early Access on Steam. In fact the release build is available now for those who already own it.

The dungeon management / God game, inspired by Bullfrog's classic Dungeon Keeper, is ready to terrorise a whole new generation of do-gooder heroes.

War for the Overworld: Australian Edition, features 'bards on the barbie'

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Subterranean Games has unveiled a very special Australian Edition for their dungeon management War for the Overworld. The game for those "sick of gettin’ buggered while smashin’ some bloody moungrels".

This extra special edition is due out tomorrow and features "right-way-up graphics" for the authentic Aussie gamer. A new trailer to mark the occasion has been released.

War for the Overworld officially releases March 6th

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Dungeon management and god game War for the Overworld is finally set for an official release by Subterranean Games. The spiritual heir to the Dungeon Keeper crown is finally within reach.

As an Underlord we must dig and expand our underground lair, while keeping tabs on our minions and the inevitable invasion of nosey heroes coming to adventure for justice, fame and our gold.

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