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War Thunder’s Revenue Share Partner System earns a creator $5000 after one month

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Remember that free-to-play dogfighting game on the PlayStation Store that you happened to see when you just bought your PlayStation 4 because there weren’t any games out on the console? No? Just me? Anyway, War Thunder, a cross-platform game for PC and PlayStation 4, introduced a very interesting update back in August 2014. Gaijin Entertainment added the Revenue Share Partner program to support user created content created using the War Thunder CDK.

War Thunder update 1.59, named the ‘Flaming Arrows’ update, introduced several community models. This includes Daniil "_Joy_Division_" Zaitsev’s original 3D model of the German night interceptor He-219, as well as four anti-tank missile vehicles, consisting of the Soviet IT-1, the German Raketenjagdpanzer-2, the Vietnam-era US M551 Sheridan, and the Swedish Strv 81.

War Thunder goes further back in time with historic naval ships

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War Thunder is game all about combat between planes, tanks, and ships. It’s set during World War II, which was a long time ago. But it’s about to go back even further in history with a new update.

British Royal Armour unveiled for War Thunder, beta testers sought

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Daijin Entertainment has unveiled the latest tanks for their action-simulation War Thunder in the 1.55 update. The new tanks are the British Royal Armour, which will add a complete tree of three dozen vehicles.

Cross-platform update for War Thunder due in "immediate future"

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Gaijin Entertainment will release an update soon for free-to-play MMO War Thunder that will enable cross-platform play between PC and PlayStation 4. The Ground Forces expansion is due June 5th on PS4.

There's no specific date for this major update but Gaijin did say its due in the "immediate future", and Thursday next week sounds rather immediate and futuristic enough.

War Thunder: Ground Forces "available for all" in open beta

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Swap your wings for a pair of treads in War Thunder as the Ground Forces expansion is now available to every single pilot as it moves into open beta. Update 1.41 marks the invasion of armoured tanks in the MMO.

There are also new planes in the hangar for those who prefer their feet off the ground. Currently USSR and German armour roam the battlefield, with a new video highlighting update 1.41.

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