Watch Dogs 2 Latest Updates

Watch Dogs 2 Patch Notes - Title Update 1.15

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We didn't expect Watch Dogs 2 to get quite as many version updates as it seems to be dishing out as of late, but that's hardly a bad thing. Ubisoft's hacking sequel has a lot more character than its original hooded recluse, so we can guess we'll be seeing a lot more of the Dedsec crew in the months to come.

Ubisoft Outlines The Next 3 Months Of Free Watch Dogs 2 Updates With An Updated 2017 Roadmap

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While players who picked up a Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass wait anxiously for their next set of paid DLC with the No Compromise release, Ubisoft have outlined the 3 months of free content arriving for all to see.

The Newly Extended Watch Dogs 2 Ending Hints At London For The Future Of The Series

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Looking for a little more to do in the San Francisco Bay area of Watch Dogs 2? A new hint could point at a new location.

Hop Onboard The School Bus With The Next Watch Dogs 2 DLC

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How careful do you really have to be when someone sends you on an errand to pick up a glorified bulldozer? According to this new Watch Dogs 2 DLC trailer, just don't listen to whoever's telling you.

Watch Dogs 2 Just Got A Small PC Bug Fix

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We can't imagine there's going to be many updates when it comes to a mostly single-player title like Watch Dogs 2, but with the PC version still relatively new, it isn't too surprising to see one today.

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