Watch Dogs 3 Summary

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Watch Dogs 3 reveal could be coming this Friday

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The latest Watch Dogs 3 leak corroborates some of the information we've already got, though do keep a fistful of salt at hand.

Ubisoft has 3 Unannounced AAA Games coming before April 2020

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Sources tell us that Ubisoft has got a fair few wildcard releases in tow for 2020. What are the unannounced Ubisoft AAA games, then?

Watch Dogs 3 is Definitely Going To London

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Recent leaks suggest a 2019 release, too.

Watch Dogs 3 May Be in Production for PS5, Xbox Next, and PC

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The upcoming, unannounced Watch Dogs game seems to be planned as a next-gen release.

Five Things We Want To See In Watch Dogs 3

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It would appear as if Ubisoft is currently hard at work on developing Watch Dogs 3, a move that should come as no surprise since the first two games were quite successful in their own right.

Now, you might be wondering how we know Watch Dogs 3 is in development. Well, you see, many gamers might not have heard of Sam, Ubisoft’s gaming-centric digital assistant that is similar to Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.