World of Warships Features

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Interview: We take to the high seas and get hands-on with Wargaming's latest while chatting to one of the development crew.

After seeing World of Warships at E3 earlier this year and walking away rather impressed by the hands-off demo, I was still left with one key question: Just how can the team at Wargaming make shooting combat on such a flat terrain as the sea work? The shooter genre is defined in the competitive space by stage layouts, of which cover is a vital part - what happens in an arena where much of...

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Preview: More strategy than its tank and plane based cousins, Wargaming's latest looks very interesting indeed.

As it turns out, war is as big business in games as it is in real life, and while the big-name publishers duke it out with the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield, there's a new rising star - Wargaming, the company that's beginning to feel like gaming's equivalent of a PMC operation, creators of the now-massive World of Tanks - and they're coming out swinging with even more additions to...