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Wargaming Team Up With Splash Damage To Enhance Their Portfolio

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The guys behind Brink team up with renowned World of Tanks publisher, lending their industry-wide multiplayer experience with one of the scene's leading groups.

Soviet Cruisers set sail in World of Warships 0.5.4 update

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The latest update to World of Warships adds a new tech tree bring nine Soviet cruisers to your fleet. Fast and powerful, these ships are best used from afar, striking with artillery against distant targets.

Project R announced for World of Warships

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Wargaming has announced a new community campaign for its naval combat game World of Warships. In the new campaign, players try to hit achievements to earn Peals, which can then be spent to rebuild the famed Japanese destroyer Kamikaze, complete with a unique camouflage. Players will also be able to unlock in-game rewards.

Wargaming details the 0.5.1 update to World of Warships in a new dev diary

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Wargaming has released a new developer diary detailing the changes coming to World of Warships in the 0.5.1 update that will be implemented in North America tomorrow and other global territories on Friday. According to the publisher, "This update brings a boatload of great content including three new maps—with the very first night map—a brand new game mode “Zone”, and further improvements."

Players can sign up to play World of Warships on the official site here.

Soviet naval tech tree coming to World of Warships in October

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Wargaming has announced that the Soviet navy will be joining the aquatic party that is World of Warships next month, with the addition of its national tech tree. Soviet options include a full Destroyer line, including famous classes such as the Izyaslav, Gnevny and Tashkent.

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