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World of Warships Patch Notes - v0.6.13

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All the patch notes, hotfixes and update details for the naval MMO title.

World of Warships Gets A Ship That Never Was

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One of four Amagi-class battlecruisers, the Ashitaka, debuts in the game.

Fend Off The Advances Of Rasputin To Earn Some Spooky Skins In The World Of Warships Halloween Event

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Proving that it's never too late to kick off a Halloween even so long as the big day hasn't been and gone already, World of Warships starts its own.

Wargaming Team Up With Splash Damage To Enhance Their Portfolio

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The guys behind Brink team up with renowned World of Tanks publisher, lending their industry-wide multiplayer experience with one of the scene's leading groups.

Soviet Cruisers set sail in World of Warships 0.5.4 update

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The latest update to World of Warships adds a new tech tree bring nine Soviet cruisers to your fleet. Fast and powerful, these ships are best used from afar, striking with artillery against distant targets.

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