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Fantasy 4X Worlds of Magic releasing March 19th, 25% off Early Access

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Wastelands Interactive's spiritual successor Worlds of Magic will be leaving Early Access on March 19th. The 4X turn-based fantasy boasts an "almost limitless number" of worlds conquer.

Worlds of Magic is the 'heir' to the 1994 4X game Master of Magic. Eight races are available with each playing in a unique way, and right now it's 25% off through Steam Early Access.

Worlds of Magic update adds Orcs, heroes and crafting

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Worlds of Magic has been on Steam Early Access for a month now, and it's just received its first major content update, adding a new race, new heroes to lead your armies and a new crafting system.

The new Orc race is good at pretty much what you'd expect Orcs to be good at - destroying and conquering. Developer Wastelands Interactive describes them as the "perfect faction for early game expansion."

Worlds of Magic arrives on Steam Early Access today

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4X fantasy strategy Worlds of Magic from Wastelands Interactive is today coming to Steam Early Access. It's a spiritual successor to the classic Master of Magic and it raised over $34k on Kickstarter.

We'll create our own Sorcerer Lord to rule an empire with over 400 spells to fling, and over 40 disciplines to choose from. We have seven planes of existence to civilise.

Kickstarter-funded fantasy 4X Worlds of Magic hits Steam Early Access this September

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Kickstarted fantasy 4X game Worlds of Magic is wizarding its way to Steam Early Access this September 11.

The game, inspired by classic title Master of Magic, features all the tactical combat and empire building that a 4X fan expects, along with a whopping seven planes of existence to explore.

Worlds of Magic with 3 days left on Kickstarter, £4k away from next stretch goal

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Wastelands Interactive's 4X fantasy game Worlds of Magic has just 3 days left to sponge what more pledges it can, but fortunately for backers and the studio it has surpassed its goal by £6,000.

In fact they are about £4k off from meeting their second stretch goal of 20 more creatures to roam the lands. A 7th faction has already been unlocked and will be decided by the community.

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