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Top 10 Upcoming PC Strategy Games of 2019 - Real time, Turn Based & 4X

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Top 10 most anticipated real time, turn based and 4X upcoming PC strategy games of 2019.

Xenonauts 2, The Indie X-COM Successor, Has Been Successfully Kickstarted

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Not only have the developers of Xenonauts 2 successfully financed their next X-COM-alike, but they've also accomplished a number of additional stretch goals, such as community mod tools and locational injuries!

GOG Galaxy Users Can Download A Playable Build Of Xenonauts 2 Right Now

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Need a bit of cheering up this fine Monday afternoon? Ditch your after-work TV plans and give Xenonauts 2 a try. There's a brand-new demo available through GOG.

The truth is out there, Xenonauts 2 is confirmed

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The XCOM reboot was absolutely fantastic, and it sounds like the sequel, due out in just a few agonizing days, will be just as terrific. Nevertheless, there are people out there who prefer to kick it in an old-school kind of way. Well, there’s good news for them, too.

Chances of Goldhawk making Xenonauts 2 "better than even"

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While it was Firaxis' wonderful XCOM reboot that took all the headlines, developer Goldhawk's more authentic homage to the original games, Xenonauts, was a strong game in its own right.

Good news for fans of this tougher, more open-ended approach to the alien invasion concept then - Goldhawk has posted on its forum, revealing that the team is seriously considering a sequel.

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