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Download OLMod (1.0)

This mod changes many aspects of the single player game. It combines a few of the mods already out there and adds in some new things as well, such as: Float32 Mod included! (If you encounter problems, just delete the gamedatashaders folder!) - Sleep Mod added - Repair Mod added - Tushkanos spawn more often now! - Traders have a theme now and sell more stuff! - Carry Mod 3 included - You can carry a maximum of 80kg (60kg before) - Tweaked the detection of Army, Bandits and other Stalkers - Other Stalkers now search (40%) for items and pick up better weapons - Value and weight of food lowered - Annoying Phrases commented out ('Hello! Hello!' or 'Come in! Don't stand there!' for example) - A little less Stalkers and a bit more mutants are spawning now (really, just little tweaking here!) - LOTS of Quests fixed and reenabled! (Reputation Rewards for example!) - Questtime for Sidequests increased to 10 days (1 day before) - Range for torch increased and colour for torch tweaked a little - Inventory grid is now smaller (You see more items at once. Just a little smaller!) - Explosives explode now after 1 second (before roughly 5 seconds) - Weather completely changed with darker nights and rotating sky,sun and shadows! - An ingame day is now longer (about 5 hours) - Camping Stalkers and Bandits play the harmonica again! - New Skin for the Leatherjacket (Camo-Style) - New Skin for the PDA - Better Blood Textures and more visible blood puffs - High-Resolution Textures for the Energy-Dink (Coke!), Food and Vodka (Absolut Vodka!) - Real Cigarett Textures now (Marlboro and Lucky Strike for example)

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