Download AIOMOD v6.1.0.1 Build 4227

DESCRIPTION J1mB0's Crosshairs Gun Traverse Indicator for SPG and TD. Old Server Side Reticle Max Zoom Arcade + Arty FullScreen Scope (Sniper Mode) Accurate Damage Indicator Fire Alarm Sound Custom SixthSense + Audio XVM Lite - Version without in-game players ratio XVM Full - Version with Stats (Optional) No Intro Video COSMETICS: Icons modules, shells and consumables Colored messages MiniMap + Laser Railway Colored Colored Icons Tanks (H. M, L, TD, A) Multilined Tank Carousel Default Damage Panel (show log of received damage & own hits) Accurate Damage indicator Clock in Battle Loading Custom sixth sense indicator (To change sixth sense indicator place alternative PNG image to: res_mods\xvm\res\SixthSense.png ) Garage Date, time in Garage Extra statistic information in Battle Reports, Service Record and new Gadget In XVM Full: Chance to win & more.

Credits: rkphantom

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[097]AIOMOD_v6_1_0_1_Build_4227_HotFix.rar 1 30 Apr 2015