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Epic Games Store - List of Exclusive Games Available on the Store

The Epic Games Store is live with its first batch of games and first two freebie announcements.

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Warframe - Void Trader 22/2/2019 Inventory

Warframe's bi-weekly trader of rare bits and baubles is now in. Check out what Baro Ki'Teer is stocking this time around.

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Anthem Day One Patch Notes - Day 1 patch is Now Live

The Anthem Day 1 patch is now live, and we've got the full Anthem Day One Patch Notes. It should cut down loading times, but has it?

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Anthem FPS Fix - How to Boost FPS With System Tweaks?

If you've been having trouble with how Anthem performs on your machine, we may well have the thing you're looking for.

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Anthem Mass Effect Skin - How to Get the N7 Mass Effect Armor

For fans of previous BioWare games, there's an Anthem Mass Effect skin in the game. But how do you get the Anthem Mass Effect armor? We can tell you.

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Batman Arkham Studio Rocksteady Staffing Up for New Game Reveal

The creators of the Batman Arkham series are hiring for a new Rocksteady game reveal soon, but when will it arrive?

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Anthem Fort Tarsis - When can you explore all of the city hub?

While you start in the Anthem Fort Tarsis hub, it seems very limited. Does it stay that small? If not, when does the Fort Tarsis city hub expand?

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Anthem Long Loading Times - Is it Normal?

This is all the current information on whether or not long loading times in Anthem are normal.

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Anthem Sound Stops Working - How to Fix Sound Bug

Have you experienced the Anthem Sound Stops Working bug, where all the sound in the game cuts out for no reason? Here's what you need to know.

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World War Z Gets an April Release Date

Co-op third-person shooter World War Z is now available for pre-order.