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Resident Evil 3 Remake Possibly Being Teased By Capcom

Capcom has seemingly started teasing the potential Resident Evil 3 Remake. Could it be that it's actually happening?

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World War Z studio head on Epic Store: "it's about being a disruptive change in the Industry"

We spoke with Saber co-founder Matthew Karch about World War Z Epic Store exclusivity, the backlash, how Epic is looking to change the industry, and how it's not "about making money".

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Path of Exile Crossplay Support - Can PC And PS4 Players Play Together?

Grinding Gear Games' ARPG Path of Exile has finally made its way to all major platforms. Here's what we know about Path of Exile crossplay.

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World War Z Age Rating - What Age Group Can Play It?

World War Z is pretty violent, even for a zombie-oriented third-person shooter. Here's information on the game's age rating.

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World War Z Application Has Stopped Working - Is There a Fix?

Here's what we know about the World War Z application has stopped working error and whether or not there's a fix for it.

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World War Z Skills - Best Early Game Skills to Unlock

This third-person zombie shooter throws an incredible number of class skills and unlocks to worry about. Here, we give you a few pointers on what WWZ skills to go for first.

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World War Z Supplies - How to Farm Supplies?

Whether you're hoping to upgrade your weapons or unlock new Class skills, you'll need lots of Supplies in WWZ. Here's how to farm World War Z Supplies.

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Assassin's Creed Unity Is Free On PC, Ubisoft Donates €500,000 To Notre-Dame

Following the Notre-Dame Fire, Ubisoft is giving away Assassin's Creed Unity on PC and donating to the cathedral's reconstruction efforts.

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World War Z - Where to Find Breaching Charges?

World War Z breaching charges are the only way to quickly gain access to high-end weapons and equipment. Here's how you might find some.

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World War Z - Is There Singleplayer?

This third-person zombie shooter has always been marketed as a focused cooperative experience, but does it have a singleplayer campaign, too?