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It looks like Activision Blizzard may have abandoned StarCraft

According to Activision Blizzard's recent financial report, the company seems to have lost all interest in expanding the StarCraft franchise.

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Mount & Blade: Bannerlord Beta - Watch Multiplayer Gameplay

Is Mount & Blade 2 finally coming out soon? We don't know, but we can show you some fresh Bannerlord Skirmish mode gameplay.

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The Best Free Games On PC

Need a free game on PC with which to spend all that extra time? Have a look at our list.

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Creative Assembly and NetEase Partner to Publish Total War in China

The historical titles in the Total War series will be published in China by NetEase, alongside the freshly announced CCG Total War: Elysium.

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Total War: Three Kingdoms Gets Free Horde-style Dynasty Mode

Dynasty mode has been revealed as the Free-LC accompanying Total War: Three Kingdoms - Eight Princes when it releases later this month.

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Space Crew mod turns Squad into an Alien film

Featured as part of Squad's Modding 2.0 announcement, Space Crew is a total conversion mod which turns the game into a Ridley Scott thriller from the bottom-up.

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Total War: Three Kingdoms - Eight Princes DLC Gets August Release Date

Total War: Three Kingdom's first DLC, the Eight Princes Chapter Pack was revealed today alongside a release date scheduled for early next month.

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Total War Three Kingdoms Patch Notes - Family and Court Update

This major update for Three Kingdoms brings about major changes to Family Tree UI and various character-related mechanics and features, among a slew of other additions and alterations.

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Crusader Kings the Board Game Arrives On August 1

Crusader Kings the Board Game aims to retain as much of the grand strategy title as possible while boiling down to two or three hours of playtime.

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Reinvigorate Total War Rome 2 with the incredible Wars of the Gods mod

Is Rome 2 no longer all that interesting to you, even though you do want to play the game? Wars of the Gods - Ancient Wars may well be the mod you're looking for!