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The AutoTrade mod for X4: Foundations will work on any of your NPC ships which is not in your squad. To start the script select the ship, right-click to bring up the context menu and select "Comm" to talk to the captain. There is only a single option "Auto Trade". Once you have clicked that the captain will receive a star "*" behind his name to indicate that the script is running. Please note that it will take some seconds before the ship is starting to move(*). Also be aware that he will charge a fee(***) for his service and use your credits for trading. The higher his skills the higher the fee but also the more effective he will trade. He will trade or mine for you without the need for any further actions (hence fire and forget). AutoMiner: If the ship has gas or liquid storage then the captain becomes an Autominer. AutoTrader: If the ship has container storage then the captain becomes an Autotrader. Features: The Autotrader ... ... will prioritize trades with player stations, ... will use your credits to buy wares and will transfer credits from sales to you, ... knows the entire galaxy which he will search for a maximum profit trade(*), ... is able to create an anomaly to reach his destination, ... lifts the Fog of War, ... set all systems and faction he trades with as known to the player, ... gains a small experience for every successful trade, ... provides a (very) small reputation gain for the player with each faction after a successful trade, ... will send regular profit information and his level (in brackets) to the upkeep section of your logbook, ... charges commission fee as a percentage(***) of the profit for his services. ... will trade more effectively but also charge a higher fee the higher his skills are.

Credits: Euclid

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