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X4 Foundations Online Mode Now Available

Online Ventures are the first proper online functionality available in X4: Foundations, suggesting a number of exciting possibilities for the game's future.

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For Honor Free-to-play Weekend Begins on 3rd May until 6th May

If for some reason you’ve never played For Honor before, then prepare yourself because come May 3, 2018, Ubisoft will make it possible for gamers from around the world to play this game for free.

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For Honor Female Characters - Which Characters Can Be Female?

For Honor has a fairly large number of characters you can pick from, each with their own role to play, but which characters can be female?

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For Honor Server Status - Maintenance Expected Today

Why are the For Honor servers down for Maintenance? The servers are currently down, so what is the For Honor Server Status?

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For Honor Hitokiri Update Released - Update 2.08 Patch Notes

Ubisoft's third-person hack 'n' slash beat-em-up hybrid has just received its latest update, packed to the brim with fixes and tweaks, but also the new hero class: Hitokiri.

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For Honor Year 3, Season 2 Announced - Sakura bringing in new Hitokiri Hero in May

Ubisoft's tactical hack 'n' slash is getting a mystical new hero character for players to equip: For Honor Hitokiri will inject a bit of Sekiro into the game, as it seems.

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For Honor Invite Friends Not Working - How to Fix

Like many other multiplayer games, For Honor is best played with friends. Here's what we know about how to fix For Honor friend invites not working.

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For Honor Green Ribbon - How to Get Champion Status?

While playing Ubisoft's medieval brawler you're bound to run into people with the For Honor Green Ribbon under their names. Here's how to get it.

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For Honor Special April Fools’ Day Event Features Rabbids

This year's For Honor April Fool's Day event involves Rabbids invading the multiplayer action game for a very limited time.

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For Honor Patch Notes - 2.06.1 New Update Patch Released Today

For Honor's Patch 2.06.1 adjusts some ability values and fixes a bug on the Harbor map.