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The casting has been confirmed primarily via Twitter, from numerous sources. Could it be that Geralt will shoot lasers out of his eyes in this rendition of The Witcher?

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The very first Hollywood-level silver screen adaptation of Rogue Trooper has now been confirmed for production!

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The renowned modding website ModDB is now working on something new and exciting that may well change how game modifications are perceived at large.

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Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley says that "there may be announcements coming in the next few months" and "we have some really cool stuff being worked on."

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Devolver Digital and Croteam announced today that more information on Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass will be revealed at E3 2018.

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Grand Theft Auto Online hits off another weekly event, offering players greater in-game rewards for Gunrunning missions.

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The press posted a lot of stories yesterday about how Rockstar's GTA5 was now the most profitable entertainment product in history. We are debunking that rumour, as it's simply not true - Blizzard's WoW is that product.

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343 Studios, the current developer behind the Halo series, has commented on requests to bring the Halo collection to PC, and it looks like it might well happen.

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Showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich tweeted out a number of character descriptions, with hints on how they would be portrayed in The Witcher TV show.

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Single player games tend to trade the thrill of playing with or against other folk by giving players deeper, more interesting worlds to explore at their own pace with deeper narrative elements, with some exceptions. We've put together some of the finest single player games into a comprehensive list to help you with picking your next adventure.