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Two Point Hospital is the first game from the ex-Bullfrog and Lionhead team at Two Point Studios, and is heavily influenced by Bullfrog's classic Theme Hospital.

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In a Reddit AMA about their latest title Forged Battalion, the Command & Conquer creators confirmed that they reached out to EA about making a sequel to their most popular game Star Wars: Empire At War, and they would love to do it.

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In an AMA on Reddit, a developer at Command & Conquer creators Petroglyph said that players wanted "shorter, more intense multi-player experiences" and "a lot less players are involved in the single-player campaign".

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Two Point Studios are made up of developers from Bullfrog and Lionhead and will be announcing their new game in January - could it be a new Theme Hospital?!

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The struggling new studio from the creators of Dizzy has been acquired by Rebellion, presumably saving it from closing down - and they could be now working on Evil Genius 2.

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That's three games, including piratey-GTA Black Flag.

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Star Wars Frontlines is a mod out soon that combines Company of Heroes with classic Star Wars, and it's just got a new trailer.

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After successfully remastering Battlezone 98, Rebellion will be releasing Battlezone 2 Redux in 2018 with new visuals, online support, and even support for mods from the original game.

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In an interview, the founder of Bullfrog, Lionhead and 22Cans expresses regret that he sold his two previous popular companies to big publishers who shut them down after a couple of games.