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There's a new Command and Conquer: Red Alert game coming, featuring the return of psychic Yuri from Red Alert 2 no less, but Red Alert Online is a mobile game from Chinese company Tencent.

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Hearts of Iron 4 is an extremely complex game if you look at it from a technical stand point. Paradox Interactive has constructed a masterpiece of grand strategy gaming, but has it started to trip over with the addition of Waking Tiger and the v1.5 Patch that followed it? We've talked with Roy Goodfellow, Assistant Developer, about what to do when this problem occurs.

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The old classic gets an update with balance changes and new features including wide screen support, keeping Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne alive.

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The free online strategy spin-off of the Total War series has gone into Open Beta, and introduces the faction of Carthage. Here's where you can get it.

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Enjoyed Dungeons 3 and want to try the rest of the series? The excellent second game in Realmforge's Dungeons series is totally free, for nothing at all, and with no DRM either.

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Bringing Hannibal along with it.

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One of the devs did a fantastic job fielding questions after the announcement of DoWIII's death.

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Bringing the old world's legacy into space.

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Two Point Hospital is the first game from the ex-Bullfrog and Lionhead team at Two Point Studios, and is heavily influenced by Bullfrog's classic Theme Hospital.

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In a Reddit AMA about their latest title Forged Battalion, the Command & Conquer creators confirmed that they reached out to EA about making a sequel to their most popular game Star Wars: Empire At War, and they would love to do it.