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We almost got an immersive sim set in the legendary Command and Conquer universe. Almost.

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There are Command and Conquer remastered editions coming, and we know two things about them - a CNC3-style interface, and no microtransactions.

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You can no longer purchase one of the most important real-time strategy games ever made.

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It's official - we're getting a new mainline Command & Conquer game, and we couldn't be happier about it.

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The Ostfront Veteranen expansion introduces a brand new German faction to blow stuff up with.

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Bet you didn't see that one coming.

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FireFly Studios have released their latest iteration of the ancient Stronghold series on Microsoft Store, but there's word of something bigger coming our way soon, too...

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BattleGoat Studios have released a new content update for their political strategy title, and it is loaded with new stuff. Plus, there's also the brand new Map Editor to fiddle with.

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Kalypso Media now owns the IP of Pyro Studios, creators of Commandos, Imperial Glory and Praetorians - and we're getting new games in those franchises and re-releases of all games in the series.

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Yearning for a bit of a one-on-one with a cliff racer? Read on...