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It seems that DICE is preparing to reintroduce Cargo Mode from Star Wars Battlefront 1 into Battlefront 2.

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DC Comics fighting game Injustice 2 may be behind on PC but it's not been abandoned - here's a list of all the patches the game receives.

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The penultimate DLC fighter for Injustice 2 comes out next week for Ultimate Edition owners, launching on PC the same time as the console versions - and we've got her new gameplay trailer too.

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EA's latest and slightly controversial sci-fi multiplayer shooter Star Wars Battlefront 2 is getting regular patches, and we're here to chronicle them.

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Dennis Brännvall‏ breaks the mold and shies away from boring old PR talk.

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After weeks of silence, EA updates the official Battlefront II website to include the latest Challenge details and a promise that the game's Second Season of free DLC will begin soon.

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We're investigating reports of censoring and arbitrary bans on the official forums, after weeks of continued silence.

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Despite EA's insistence that players don't want to play as Pink Darth Vader, we really want to play as Pink Darth Vader. And now you can play as Pink Darth Vader. Also, Battlefront 2 2017 has mods now.

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LucasFilm and Disney clearly treated Battlefront II seriously since there are a number of ways that the game's Campaign actually set up events in The Last Jedi. Here's all of them.

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The long-delayed Justice League Movie Multiverse for Injustice 2 on PC kicks off later today, giving PC players the chance to get costumes based the movie for Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman.