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Triumph Studios will add modding tools to Age of Wonders 3 in next patch

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Triumph Studios has revealed that it's working on adding modding support to its excellent fantasy 4X game Age of Wonders 3. To demonstrate this new feature, the team has also released a picture of – and I quote – a “cadaver wielding necromancer’s scythe riding a nightmare horse”.

Which is everything I've ever wanted and more, all in one sentence. Modding tools will arrive in the next patch, when Triumph is finished polishing bug-fixing.

Age of Wonders III getting public Steam Beta for Update 1.5 "in a couple of weeks"

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Triumph Studios has announced a public Steam Beta release for the upcoming Age of Wonders III Update 1.5, which should be here "in a couple of weeks."

It officially launches as a free update next to the upcoming expansion. The patch includes diplomatic AI profiles, overhauled diplomacy, and the return of PBEM multiplayer for that old school feel.

Triumph Studios tease Necromancer class for next Age of Wonders 3 expansion

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Halfling-heavy Age of Wonders 3 DLC pack Golden Realms has only just hit the shelves, but developer Triumph Studios is already planning the contents of its next expansion.

A developer post on the game's website reveals the addition of the Necromancer class, which suggests that undead, who were missing from the core game, will be making a reappearance.

Age of Wonders 3 expansion Golden Realms coming this September

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Triumph Studios' turn-based fantasy title Age of Wonders 3 is getting its first expansion pack on September 18.

Called Golden Realms, the new DLC will add a new playable race, story campaign, several new scenarios, fifty new magical artifacts and a couple of new specialisations, amongst other treats.

First Age of Wonders III patch drops

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Triumph Studios, developers of the recently released Age of Wonders III,released the first patch for their fantasy strategy game today, and announced plans for continued support and fan interaction.

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