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2 billion points in Battlefield 4's Rush mode unlocks Heist mode in Battlefield Hardline beta

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EA DICE has thrown down a community challenge for Battlefield 4 and would-be crime fighters and criminals in Battlefield Hardline. If the community scores 2 billion points in Battlefield 4's Rush mode...

...then the beta for Battlefield Hardline will include the Heist mode. This scrambling for points begins today, January 21st @ 9 AM PST and will end January 24th @ 11:59 PM PST.

Premium calendar extended to December 2015 for Battlefield 4

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With the announcement last month that Final Stand is not actually the last DLC for Battlefield 4, it's believed DICE will be looking to put together releases of classic maps from the series.

To that end the Premium calendar for the shooter has been extended right to the end of this new year of 2015. Surely any new such DLC would fall under the cost people have already paid for Premium?

Final Stand is not the last piece of DLC for Battlefield 4, says DICE

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Battlefield 4: Final Stand is certainly the last piece of DLC in the military shooter's Season Pass, but according to a post from developer DICE it's not the last piece for the game itself.

What form that new content will take is not yet clear, but one thing the studio is gauging interest in is remasters of classic Battlefield maps.

Battlefield in 2016 returns to "military-style game", confirms EA

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Cops and robbers maybe what Battlefield: Hardline is going for but 2016's major Battlefield release will be all 'Tango Down' as it returns to military service. That's what EA CFO Blake Jorgensen had to say.

Why not next year? EA says they want to give players "more time to enjoy" Battlefield 4 and crime stomping before a new title invades. Also it helps to distance from Battlefield 4's disastrous launch.

Motion sickness a technology hurdle for virtual reality before EA will commit

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EA won't be joining the virtual reality arena until the technology behind it can prove itself at market, and in order to do that it has to deal with the motion sickness problem, which is "very tough."

They are "clearly experimenting" with various VRs like Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus, but there's no install base to justify gearing towards it, though the devices are generally compatible.

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