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Newest announced Battlefield 4 free DLC will bring back a classic map

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DICE and EA have been hard at work delivering a ton of free content to Battlefield 4 players. They dropped the Operation Outbreak free DLC about half a month ago. Coming with the holidays, they'll be releasing a new DLC called Legacy Operations along a holiday update and it features a fan favorite map reworked for 2015.

Operation Outbreak DLC now available for free for Battlefield 4

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DICE LA has announced that their collaboration with Battlefield 4 fans, Operation Outbreak, is now available for free on Origin. The DLC map had input and feedback every step of the way from the Battlefield community on the official forums.

Battlefield 4 update and Community Operations DLC drop October 27th

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EA is gearing Battlefield 4 up for the Fall season and rolling out two additions tomorrow. The first is the Community Operations DLC, featuring the Operation Outbreak map that was created with input from the Battlefield online community. The second is a huge update featuring a ton of changes to the game.

Community Operations update for Battlefield 4 will add a fan-designed map

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Fair play to DICE, who are still plugging away on new content for Battlefield 4. The game's latest addition is a bit different than usual, in that it's been created with the help of the community.

The Community Operations update adds a jungle map called Operation Outbreak, the content of which was voted on by the game's fans. They've chosen a fast-paced, infantry combat focused level which restricts vehicle options to fast, agile bikes and boats.

Battlefield 4 Summer Update and free Night Operations DLC are now live

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The Battlefield 4 Summer Update should now be live on all platforms, along with the new, free Battlefield 4: Night Operations DLC pack.

You can find the Summer Update patch notes here. There's quite the laundry list of fixes and tweaks, including improved networking and the usual round of weapon balance adjustments.

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