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Community Operations update for Battlefield 4 will add a fan-designed map

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Fair play to DICE, who are still plugging away on new content for Battlefield 4. The game's latest addition is a bit different than usual, in that it's been created with the help of the community.

The Community Operations update adds a jungle map called Operation Outbreak, the content of which was voted on by the game's fans. They've chosen a fast-paced, infantry combat focused level which restricts vehicle options to fast, agile bikes and boats.

Battlefield 4 Summer Update and free Night Operations DLC are now live

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The Battlefield 4 Summer Update should now be live on all platforms, along with the new, free Battlefield 4: Night Operations DLC pack.

You can find the Summer Update patch notes here. There's quite the laundry list of fixes and tweaks, including improved networking and the usual round of weapon balance adjustments.

Battlefield 4 trailer shows off new map on the way in free Night Operations update

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EA DICE still isn't telling us when exactly night-time warfare expansion Night Operations will hit Battlefield 4, but the developer has released a new trailer highlighting the major additions.

Expect lots of cinematic lighting, an improved sound and passive spotting system that encourages a stealthy approach, and a new map.

Battlefield 4: Night Operations DLC offers after-dark combat

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Despite the release of Hardline and the imminent emergence of Star Wars Battlefront, Electronic Arts hasn't given up on 2013's Battlefield 4.

The company has announced a new expansion pack called Night Operations, which focuses on... night operations, is out in September 2015, adding a new map, improved stealth and dynamic sound, and more.

There will be a new Battlefield game in 2016, EA spokesperson confirms

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A new Battlefield game is coming in 2016, according to a spokesperson for publisher Electronic Arts. The news was revealed during an investor's call, and it essentially marks the point at which the franchise moves to a yearly release model.

"What we've said is that our intention over the next couple of years is to have a first-person shooter as one of the core titles," the representative said (reported by IGN). "This year, obviously, it's Star Wars Battlefront. Next year, it's another Battlefield title."

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