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In Crusader Kings II you must forge a dynasty and lead it to glory. How far will you get?

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Crusader Kings II: Way of Life now out for PC and Mac

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Paradox Development Studios today have launched their latest sliver of medieval family drama with the Way of Life expansion for Crusader Kings II. This offers players the chance to focus their rulers.

There are more diplomatic options too like instigating a duel, or even seducing your way through court. All-new events will trouble kingdoms and are related to any of the 10 Focuses for rulers

Crusader Kings II: Way of Life expansion to launch December 16th

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Just in time for Christmas is the Way of Life expansion for Crusader Kings II, reigniting medieval family drama with new options to 'focus' rulers. There are also new diplomatic choices like duels.

Paradox Interactive has announced the new add-on will arrive December 16th, and promises "hundreds of new events" along with focus-related images.

Paradox Store begins seasonal sale, discounts up to 80% and new merchandise section

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Paradox Interactive has announced some mega seasonal savings on now being offered through their Paradox Store, with some of their catalogue gems being slashed by 80%. There's also the new 'merch' section.

Yes, Paradox aren't content with peddling just digital wares as they now want our homes packed full of mousepads and t-shirts. This merchandise is all themed around major games like Europa Universalis.

Paradox announces Crusader Kings 2 Way of Life DLC

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Another DLC is on the way for Crusader Kings 2, making the full count something like 348,000 if I'm recalling correctly. This one's called Way of Life, and adds more content for customising your ruler's personal life and relationships.

Such as having your secret lovers executed, for example. Life was cruel back in the middle ages. Paradox also announced that the traditional accompanying free patch will go into open Beta.

Crusader Kings 2 gets even bigger with new expansion Charlemagne's additional hundred years of history”

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Crusader Kings 2 covers an extra hundred years of blood-soaked, heretic-slaying, relative-murdering history with the launch of seventh expansion Charlemagne, available now.

Developer Paradox has also released a free patch to coincide with the DLC, which updates the main version of the game to make it compatible with the new expansion, and adds new nomadic tribal holdings.

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