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In Crusader Kings II you must forge a dynasty and lead it to glory. How far will you get?

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"Elections and Technological Development are important" in Paradox's Project Augustus

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Two more teasers for Paradox Development Studio's new IP in the works, which currently hides behind the name of Project Augustus. Yesterday's revealed Henrik FĂ„hraeus (Crusader Kings, Hearts of Iron) as Game Director.

Today's says that "Elections and Technological Development" are important elements to the game. It's most definitely grand strategy material, but it sounds as if things could be moving away from a Roman era?

Paradox Interactive begin "every weekday" teaser campaign for Project Augustus, to reveal at Gamescom

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The brand new IP that Paradox Development Studio is working on will be announced in full at Gamescom next month, but until then we'll be subjected to small teasers "every weekday" until they finally unveil the truth.

This will be the internal studio's "first new major IP" since Crusader Kings debuted over a decade ago. Teaser #2 tells us Seven and Three "are important numbers." We're then told to enjoy our weekend.

Crusader Kings II: Horse Lords releases today, world expands to the "steppes of Central Asia"

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The horses are on the move as the Great Khan and his hordes can now terrorise nations from the Central Asian steppes to the very far shores of Europe. It won't be easy though, but what is in Crusader Kings II?

Clan politics will have to be carefully navigated in Horse Lords, and existing powers can now take advantage of the Silk Road trade routes, and new temporary forts to hold enemy territory.

New 'Feature Spotlight' video dev diary for Crusader Kings II: Horselords expansion, launches July 14th

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Paradox Development Studio has released a new video developer diary for the impending nomadic invasion of the Horselords expansion for Crusader Kings II.

A new Nomadic style of government is part of the feature list, and with it come Clan politics. They can also muster hordes out of whole populations, which is bad news for trade on the new Silk Road route.

Horse Lords ride out July 14th for Crusader Kings II

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Paradox Interactive has just marked July 14th in our calendars for the arrival of Crusader Kings II add-on Horse Lords. It's the latest expansion to the grand strategy / medieval RPG and features an expanded map for nomadic tribes.

The very way these Mongol and Turkic invaders rule is changing too as more of their culture becomes unique to them. The Silk Road 'trade highway' is also added, and temporary forts help to hold territory.

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