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In Crusader Kings II you must forge a dynasty and lead it to glory. How far will you get?

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Crusader Kings II "could be the golf of e-sports," Paradox now has "less focus on genre, and more focus on our core pillars"

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We chatted with CEO Fredrik Wester and COO Susana Meza of Paradox Interactive at PDXCON this month, and an interesting musing came up. What if Crusader Kings II was in the e-sports arena?

Not that anything would come of it, but Wester notes e-sports today is where "something is happening all the time," but a lot of people watch golf, so could Crusader Kings II find an audience?

Paradox 'would consider' Game of Thrones if they ever adopted another IP

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The Game of Thrones universe is nothing new to the Paradox Interactive teams, especially as Crusader Kings II is often cited as 'being like Game of Thrones' with its RPG-based family drama, but would they ever go for the IP?

Paradox CEO Fred Wester said Game of Thrones would definitely be high of the list, but he's "still on the fence" about whether it would be good for Paradox or not. HBO has spoken with them about it.

Paradox celebrates 3 years of Crusader Kings II, largest playtime on record is 10,500 hours

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This weekend marks the third anniversary of Crusader Kings II, and to celebrate Paradox Interactive is holding a 75% off sale on 'collection' bundles through the Paradox Store, as well as Steam and other digital stores.

Paradox also released an infographic that reveals how the game world has grown from its humble vanilla origins in February 2012 up to the Way of Life expansion in December 2014. Someone sure loves medieval drama.

Paradox Development Studios has two more titles in production using Clausewitz engine

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The latest Clausewitz engine is fuelling the rise of nations and colonialism in Europa Universalis IV, and it's gearing up for all-out war in Hearts of Iron IV, but Paradox Development Studios has more in the works using that engine.

Crusader Kings II lead designer and Game Director Henrik FĂ„hraeus confirms there's "another game in production and yet another one in pre-production." Who's on the suspect list?

Crusader Kings II: Way of Life now out for PC and Mac

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Paradox Development Studios today have launched their latest sliver of medieval family drama with the Way of Life expansion for Crusader Kings II. This offers players the chance to focus their rulers.

There are more diplomatic options too like instigating a duel, or even seducing your way through court. All-new events will trouble kingdoms and are related to any of the 10 Focuses for rulers

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