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Crusader Kings II Latest News

Hunt Down Heretics In The New Crusader Kings II: Monks and Mystics Expansion

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A lot of the time, at least when it comes to an RTS title, you're in it for the war. You finish up your campaign and delve knee-deep into another looking to build your empire and beat down the opposition yet again. So if someone - or something - attempted peace, you'd put them in their place. And that's the idea of the newest Crusader Kings II: Monks and Mystics expansion.

The Black Death hits Crusader Kings II in new expansion this month

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Paradox announced a couple of weeks ago that they’d be bringing a new expansion to Crusader Kings II featuring the Black Death, and now we know when it will be available. Prepare to bring out your dead, because the Reaper’s Due will come August 25.

The plague hits Crusader Kings II in upcoming DLC

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In case worrying about lines of succession, threats from abroad, and plots from within weren’t enough, Paradox is about to make your life in Crusader Kings II even harder by unleashing the Black Death. The Reaper’s Due expansion will have you dealing with the effects of the infamous bubonic plague outbreak, said to have wiped out a third of Europe’s population.

Paradox devs discuss bringing women into grand strategy

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Video games have produced, by and large, a male-dominated subculture. The ESA reminds you every year that roughly half of game players are female, but that’s speaking of games in a very broad sense that covers the mobile and social markets. Certainly in terms of traditional gaming, and in online communities, diversity is the exception rather than the rule.

Project Augustus is a game all of Paradox Interactive "always dreamt about doing"

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It's the last day of the month and here's Teaser #7 for Paradox Development Studio's soon-to-be-revealed Project Augustus. We're told this is "a project we've always dreamt about doing," and not just for the internal devs.

Some have noted that Paradox has expressed a desire to boldly go to man's final frontier before, i.e. space. Could this be a grand strategy set among the stars? If so, what shape would it take? Real-time or turn-based?

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