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Fallout meets The Walking Dead, from the makers of the former? Don't mind if we do!

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Turn-based zombie shelter Dead State updated, removes 'super hearing' undead

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DoubleBear Productions has released their latest update for Dead State, and most likely the last one of this year. It addresses a number of issues like quests looping, cars disappearing and pathfinding.

They've also increased "noise dampening" in multi-floor levels to stop zombies magically hearing everything. Perhaps one of the biggest changes is the addition of an autosave function.

Dead State receives "final patch before launch," community feedback vital

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Developer DoubleBear Productions has now released their final pre-release beta patch for turn-based RPG Dead State, which has us managing a shelter in the wake of a zombie outbreak in Texas.

The indie studio started Dead State after a successful Kickstarter campaign and has been on Early Access for a while. It's expected to achieve a full release next month.

Dead State updated with character creation, new locations and 'backbone features'

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DoubleBear Productions' zombie survivalist RPG and strategy Dead State has just been updated on Steam Early Access. Character creation is now available, along with new locations and two random encounters.

Now the studio can focus "improving on and building out" current features instead of adding all-new ones, and this update represents "a small amount" of their overall work.

DoubleBear releasing Dead State: The First 7 Days demo, RPG out in January

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Zombie RPG Dead State from DoubleBear Productions is almost here as a new developer diary exposes the latest happenings over at Brian Mitsoda's studio. The First 7 Days is literally just the first week.

The demo gives just a taste of the RPG brains in the full game, which won't release until January. Across those 7 days we'll get 8 allies and 10 areas to explore. It's for backers and pre-orders.

Steam's sixth list of Greenlit games announced

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There are more Greenlit titles on the way to an official Steam release as Valve reveal the sixth list of community approved games. Among them are Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures and Battle Worlds: Kronos.

Death Inc. is heading for Steam, which is now getting its crowd-sourced funding through alpha sales. Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey, which is due in 2014, also got a huge thumbs up.

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