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Dishonored Latest News

Playing as Emily in Dishonored 2 will be an “all new” experience

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Arkane Studios is giving players the option of playing as one of two different characters in stealth-and-stabbing sequel Dishonored 2, and according to creative director Harvey Smith the choice of protagonist will have a big impact on gameplay.

Emily Kaldwin, a major figure in the first game who has since grown into a competent assassin herself, will be a “finesse” character, relying on speed and precision. Returning hero Corvo is more of a blunt offensive force.

Could Dishonored 2 be on the way?

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2012's Dishonored was a textbook example of how to kickstart a new franchise; no superfluous multiplayer and relatively little fanfare, just an admirably focused and tightly designed stealth title with a beautifully designed world.

Good news for fans, then - NowGamer is reporting that a sequel is in the works at Arkane Studios, with the original's co-creator Harvey Smith leading the development team.

Rumour: E3 fact sheet reveals additional Dishonored 2 details

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According to a leaked E3 fact sheet for Arkane Studios' rumoured Dishonored 2 we'll be experiencing the sequel powered by the id Tech 5 game engine, and in an all-new area called Tyvia with new powers.

We'll also fill the assassin boots of a new main character, and work to "annihilate the Outsider" apparently. It will also support "versus-mulitplayer" and is expected out in 2016.

Rumour: Dishonored 2 to receive "full reveal at E3 2014"

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An image from origins unknown has appeared with Arkane Studios and Bethesda logos on it, with a rather prominent 'Dishonored II' as the headline with the caption "Witness the full reveal at E3 2014!"

It's also stamped #DarknessOfTyvia. Arkane has been very quiet on their next project, and it seems everyone's suspicion of a Dishonored sequel might just be true. Bethesda declared it a "new franchise".

Bethesda officially announces Game of the Year Edition of Dishonored

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Bethesda announced on Twitter that the Game of the Year Edition for Dishonored has been officially announced, and will be coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on the 8th October.

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