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DOOM’s campaign won’t feature co-op support

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Bethesda and Id Software’s upcoming DOOM reboot won’t feature drop-in co-op in the style of recent games like Far Cry 4, but the developers aren’t ruling out the potential for co-operative play entirely.

The game’s executive producer Marty Stratton confirmed to PC Gamer that there would be no campaign co-op, but revealed that its modding programme, SnapMap, would allow players to craft their own singleplayer maps.

DOOM's arenas are "almost like skate parks", according to exec producer

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Pulling sweet kickflips might not be what you naturally associate with the Doom franchise, so it's initially somewhat surprising to hear a member of the development team describe the upcoming DOOM's arenas as "like skate parks".

No you won't be challenging a demon to a skate-off. What executive producer Marty Stratton means is that the game encourages constant momentum, and gives players plenty of wide open space and options for vertical movement.

Scrapped Doom game was Call of Duty “with a Doom skin on it”, says Bethesda

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Several in-engine screens of the initial concept for Doom 4 were leaked last month, and I don't think I was alone in thinking they looked precisely naff-all like the demon-blasting shooter series we know and love.

Bethesda certainly agreed with me. Marketing VP Pete Hines has been talking to Polygon about the canned project, and his assertion that it felt like Call of Duty “with a Doom skin on it” doesn't surprise me in the least.

Limited edition Fallout, Dishonored, DOOM figures handed out at Bethesda's E3 conference already selling on eBay for up to $400

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Bethesda's E3 2015 press conference kicked off the biggest week in video games with a bang yesterday, with the first in-game footage of Fallout 4 and DOOM, as well as the announcement of Dishonored 2.

To commemorate a memorable first press conference for the company, Bethesda handed out limited-edition figurines of characters from those three games to attendees. Humans being humans, these figures are now selling on eBay for around $200 to $400.

E3 2015: Bethesda Showcase live June 14th @ 7.00pm PDT / 15th @ 3.00am GMT+1 - Watch it here!

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The very first conference kicking off E3 2015 next week is from Bethesda and it's also their very first dedicated showing. They'll be commanding our attention Sunday, June 14th @ 7.00pm PDT, or early Monday June 16th in UK and Europe.

It will be live streamed via dark Internet sorcery and we've embedded it for your convenience. They've got some big guns on stage including the recently announced Fallout 4, and the long awaited DOOM sequel.

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