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Crytek developer heads to id Software to work on Doom

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Amidst rumours of unpaid wages and a mass staff exodus at Crytek, here's one developer who has very definitely jumped ship.

Tiago Sousa, a ten year veteran Crytek graphics engineer, has joined id Software as lead rendering programmer on the studio's idTech 6 projects, in particular the upcoming Doom reboot. Hey Tiago! Fix the pop in would you?

Doom teased at QuakeCon to "give fans confidence", full reveal will have to wait until 2015

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Bethesda Softworks PR and marketing head Pete Hines has claimed that upcoming franchise reboot Doom was only shown at this month's QuakeCon event to allay fears that id Software was having trouble with the game's development.

He also confirmed that id and Bethesda won't be ready for a "formal announcement" to the public until next year.

Call this reboot Doom says id Software, not Doom 4

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id Software has clarified that the new title in its ling-running shooter series is called simply Doom, not Doom 4, and is a reboot rather than a continuation.

Do we really need to call it a reboot, guys? Does anyone really care about the story in a Doom game? Okay, fine.

Bethesda know they "need to prove ourselves all over again" with Doom 4

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Given the success of Machine Games' reboot of Wolfenstein, you might forgive publisher Bethesda for feeling pretty confident that forthcoming Doom 4 will be an automatic hit.

In a recent print interview with MCV, however, the company's head of PR Pete Hines said the team knows they have to "prove ourselves all over again".

Bethesda tease Doom 4 ahead of QuakeCon reveal

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Publisher Bethesda has released a teaser trailer for iD Software's long-awaited Doom 4. As you might have guessed, it shows an angry-looking, cybernetically enhanced demon stomping menacingly about.

Bethesda are promising a more in-depth reveal of Doom 4 at next month's QuakeCon.

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