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Screens leaked from original version of Id Software's Doom 4

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Before Id Software had a bit of a rethink and went for a very familiar-looking Doom 4 (okay, technically it's supposed to be called DOOM), replete with skeletons wearing miniguns on their shoulders, there was another, very different version of the game in the works at the studio.

Some screenshots of that initial project have surfaced on fansite Doomworld, and I think hardcore fans of the series might just be glad this version didn't work out.

Bethesda plan DOOM "gameplay reveal" at E3 2015

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A very, very teasing short snip of the new DOOM has just been released by Bethesda, but it's all to announce that we'll be seeing a lot more (hopefully) by the middle of June at E3 2015 in California.

A beta has already been promised to those who pre-ordered Wolfenstein: The New Order, and maybe we're a lot closer than we think. Bethesda's E3 conference is on June 14th @ 7.00pm PDT.

Bethesda to host "first-ever E3 Showcase" this year, available online through Twitch

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Get your Pip-boys ready because Bethesda is gearing up for their "first-ever" dedicated press conference at this year's E3 in Los Angeles, California. What's on the agenda for the RPG and shooter outfit? Nobody knows!

Not yet at least, but the coming months should reveal more about Bethesda's plans for E3. An online Twitch stream will be running on the day. Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Wolfenstein, Doom...

John Romero celebrates DOOM 21st anniversary with artwork

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First-person shooter DOOM is celebrating its 21st year, and coincidentally is now legal to buy alcohol in the country of its origin. John Romero, human host to a lion's mane of hair, is revealing artwork.

He's practically assembled his own art gallery of images through his twitter account, which included shots of old model sculptures, photos of the original id Software gang, and unused game assets.

Crytek developer heads to id Software to work on Doom

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Amidst rumours of unpaid wages and a mass staff exodus at Crytek, here's one developer who has very definitely jumped ship.

Tiago Sousa, a ten year veteran Crytek graphics engineer, has joined id Software as lead rendering programmer on the studio's idTech 6 projects, in particular the upcoming Doom reboot. Hey Tiago! Fix the pop in would you?

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