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Doom (2016) Latest News

It's Marine v Prowler In DOOM's New Multiplayer Match-up - Arcade Mode Joins In Too

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Fancy yourself a bit of a speedrunner? While likely not achieved through glitches and wall hacks like the original Doom title, the latest update to breakout 2016 reboot DOOM gives you the tools necessary to charge through the campaign in spectacular fashion.

Doom’s first DLC is available right now

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Bethesda and id have really started to enjoy their surprises, and they’re not making exceptions for QuakeCon. They used the stage to announce an early release for Doom’s first DLC pack, Unto the Evil, a full day earlier than scheduled.

Doom is being adapted into a board game

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I know we generally cover video games here at GameWatcher--PC games, at that--but this one is too weird not to share. Doom is getting a board game adaptation courtesy of the folks at Fantasy Flight Games. Yes, you and your friends can live out the epic war of marines versus the forces of Hell from the comfort of your own gaming table.

Bethesda’s E3 2016 press conference - what to expect, where to watch

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E3 is upon us! The Electronic Entertainment Expo has infiltrated the Los Angeles Convention Center, filling its halls with the latest and greatest games all the big publishers want you to know about. GameWatcher will be on hand to report the biggest news and give you hands-on coverage of the show's top games. The show floor doesn't officially open until Tuesday, but most of the big news will be revealed through the press conferences scheduled for Sunday and Monday.

YouTuber Zero Master beats Doom’s Ultra-Nightmare mode without dying

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It took Zero Master only two days to complete Doom’s Ultra-Nightmare mode.

Nightmare mode will be familiar to id Software fans, where the game is the same as it is on hard (in regards to the health and strength of enemies) except enemies respawn after they are killed. Ultra-Nightmare ramps the difficulty up even further by giving players only one life. If you die in Ultra-Nightmare mode, the game simply ends.

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