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Doom open beta extended for an extra day, removed PC frame rate cap

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Enjoying the Doom open beta? Well, now you’ve got an extra day to get some more frags in! The official Doom Twitter account has confirmed the beta will now end at April 18, 11:59pm ET (that’s 4:59am for those in the UK).

To top off this news ( also announced by the Doom Twitter account), it has been revealed that the open beta has been locked at 60FPS for “beta purposes only”. PC gamers with 120Hz monitors can breathe a sigh of relief that their expensive purchase was not in vain, though your rig is going to have to be pretty powerful to output a high frame rate in this game.

Doom beta goes open this weekend

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There’s a new Doom game coming out real soon! The closed beta for the game’s multiplayer hit a couple of weeks ago, and while I’m still more interested in the game’s single-player component, I had a good time blasting my fellow doomguys. Now you can too!

Today GameWatcher plays the Doom closed beta

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Hey, folks! You can tune into GameWatcher’s Twitch channel Monday through Friday at 8PM GMT/4PM Eastern for an hour long stream of the latest and maybe greatest in PC gaming. We’ll be hitting big new releases, indie curiosities, and Early Access works-in-progress, so be sure to have a look for first impression gameplay footage of a wide variety of titles.

Demons, BFGs and power-ups shown off in new DOOM trailer

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id Software has released another video showing off some different aspects of DOOM's gameplay. While previous videos revealed some of the multiplayer modes and maps, this one gives players a taste of the power-ups that will be featured in the reboot.

New DOOM trailer shows off multiplayer modes

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Bethesda has unleashed a new trailer showing off the various multiplayer modes gamers can expect when they face off in DOOM's online mode. Some are old standbys, while others are fresh new ideas.

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