Dragon Age: Inquisition

Thedas needs heroes, and it's up to you and your party of warriors to save the land from darkness in BioWare's Dragon Age: Inquisition
EU & US Release date: 21 Nov, 2014
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Nobody expected the Inquisition. To be this good.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition's first DLC, Jaws of Hakkon, to be released today

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Bioware has decided to forgo the usual round of hype and marketing for its first go at post-release Dragon Age: Inquisition content, announcing yesterday that the Jaws of Hakkon DLC will be released today.

So just in case you'd run out of stuff to do in Thedas, here's some more to keep you occupied. From the sound of it, we'll be xploring a temple dedicated to one of Dragon Age's many gods, Hakkon Wintersbreath.

Dragon Age lead writer David Gaider moves on to "new, upcoming BioWare project"

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David Gaider has been the lead writer on Bioware's fantasy RPG series Dragon Age since its inception, writing the main story for every single installment. So it's a big deal to see him leave the franchise for new pastures.

He's not moving too far away, though - according to his Twitter page he's staying within the company to work on a "new, upcoming BioWare project."

Bioware releases full list of changes on the way in Dragon Age: Inquisition's Patch 5 update

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Bioware has released the full update notes for Dragon Age: Inquisition's Patch 5, an incoming batch of tweaks, improvements and additions that should help sort out a few common issues with the fantasy RPG.

As expected the update adds a party storage chest to the Undercroft at your secret base in Skyhold, and adds the ability to adjust the size of subtitles. A planned auto-attack option doesn't appear to have been included, however.

BioWare will invite PC players to test future Dragon Age: Inquisition patches

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BioWare is adding a beta program for future Dragon Age: Inquisition patches, giving a select group of PC players closed access to new content.

The studio says it's using a “faster and more compressed” patch system than it ever has before, but the certification process on consoles is preventing them from releasing new fixes as quickly as they would like to.

BioWare looking for producer to "shape online for the next Mass Effect"

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It's pretty much a done deal that the new Mass Effect - which BioWare stubbornly won't call Mass Effect '4' - will have an online multiplayer side of things. This is hardly surprising since Mass Effect 3 introduced a successful formula.

The multiplayer wasn't directly connected to Mass Effect 3's main campaign, although it could have a slight impact on 'readiness'. The same sort of online component cropped up in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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