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Frontier trademark 'Elite: Deadly', possibly linked to Thargold insectoid race

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Elite: Dangerous is packed full of pew-pew pilots going about their space lives, but something deadly is on the horizon; literally. Frontier has been found with their sticky fingers on a trademark for 'Elite: Deadly'.

Some mused this could be a companion app of sorts, while others suggest it could be a return of the Thargold species. They're a truly alien insectoid race, and David Braben is eager to re-envision them.

Elite: Dangerous update 1.1 now out, next "planned for early March"

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Frontier has set loose update 1.1 for Elite: Dangerous which "expands the core game" with community-based goals, aptly named Community Goals. These let players participate in significant story events.

They're available in solo, multiplayer or private group modes. Now we can really help build the galaxy together, which has also expanded with route planning now at 1,000 light years. Astrophysics FTW.

Elite: Dangerous 1.1 update enters beta tomorrow, adds "discovered by" tag

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Frontier is releasing the 1.1 update to Elite: Dangerous tomorrow where it'll be available in beta. The first major addition is the "discovered by" tag which lets explorers stamp their name on a newly discovered system.

AI docking, ship-to-ship collisions, and balancing of dumbfire missiles, shield cells and weapon heat generation is also in the changelog. 1.1 also includes two community goals for Commanders to try out.

Layoffs at Frontier Developments as studio announces theme park sim Coaster Park Tycoon

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Given its impressive launch, you'd think that Elite: Dangerous development team Frontier Developments would be fairly well protected from potential layoffs.

Apparently that's not the case. According to an investor report, fifteen members of staff have been laid off at the company's Halifax studio.

Elite: Dangerous patch 1.1 will enter beta testing early in February

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Elite: Dangerous will get its first major update early next month, first in beta form and then in a full release once all the creases have been spotted and ironed out.

Update 1.1 will introduce “a new way to collaborate with other players in the galaxy in preparation for 1.2’s major Wings update.” Hmm. What could that mean?

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