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Layoffs at Frontier Developments as studio announces theme park sim Coaster Park Tycoon

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Given its impressive launch, you'd think that Elite: Dangerous development team Frontier Developments would be fairly well protected from potential layoffs.

Apparently that's not the case. According to an investor report, fifteen members of staff have been laid off at the company's Halifax studio.

Elite: Dangerous patch 1.1 will enter beta testing early in February

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Elite: Dangerous will get its first major update early next month, first in beta form and then in a full release once all the creases have been spotted and ironed out.

Update 1.1 will introduce “a new way to collaborate with other players in the galaxy in preparation for 1.2’s major Wings update.” Hmm. What could that mean?

Frontier adds two recently discovered exoplanets to Elite: Dangerous, reveals sales of £14 million

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As if there weren't enough interstellar wonders to gawp at in the massive open galaxy of Elite: Dangerous, developer Frontier has just added a couple of new sights to see.

Namely the 'exoplanets' Kepler-438b and 442b, which were recently discovered by NASA’s Kepler spacecraft programme – two planetary bodies which are described as the most “Earth-like” yet discovered.

Elite: Dangerous players taking advantage of in-game exploits face sanctions

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Unsurprisingly, because people are people, one of the first things some players did upon entering the galactic playground of Elite: Dangerous was to seek out exploits that let them generate piles of virtual cash. Developer Frontier Developments isn't too happy about this.

According to a post from developer Andrew Barlow, anyone caught taking advantage of these exploits faces punishment, including being banned from the upcoming 'Race to Elite' competition, though they won't risk being barred from the game outright.

Chris Roberts congratulates 'rival' David Braben and Frontier for Elite: Dangerous launch

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Star Citizen is far from its launch day but Cloud Imperium's Chris Roberts has published a congratulatory letter to space sim rival David Braben and his Frontier Developments team for fully releasing Elite: Dangerous.

Roberts has been a supporter "since day one, and am thrilled to see it become a reality." He'll be firing it up over the holidays, and reminds the Star Citizen community there's no real rivalry.

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