Elite: Dangerous

The triumvirate superpowers of the Empire, Federation and Independents dominate human space and constantly skirmish to outmanoeuvre one another on their frontiers.
EU & US Release date: 16 Dec, 2014

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Elite: Dangerous now available for Mac gamers

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Frontier has announced the Mac version of MMO space sim Elite: Dangerous has taken flight among the stars. Those who own the game already can now launch on either PC or Mac with both sharing the same universe.

This includes a Mac version through Steam which Frontier recently handed out keys for. Mac Commanders can enjoy exactly the same content as their PC brethren.

Non-Steam Elite: Dangerous players will receive a key to register their game on Valve's platform this month

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Frontier Developments has announced that Elite: Dangerous players who own a non-Steam version of the space sim will soon receive a code that will let them register their product on Valve's retail platform.

Don't worry if you already own half the galaxy's ore reserves, either; Frontier and Valve are working on a way to connect existing accounts with Steam, so none of your progress is lost.

Elite: Dangerous to receive "new way to play" with Powerplay, take part in "ongoing battle for interstellar conquest"

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The next major update to Elite: Dangerous from developer Frontier will be pitting the galactic powers against one another in Powerplay, where Commanders will choose their side and help a faction dominate.

Each organisation is "fully fleshed-out" featuring perks, political leanings and a biography. They either grow in influence or fall to ruin as players help these factions vie for control.

Elite: Dangerous now available through Steam

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The massively multilayer space sim Elite: Dangerous is now being peddled through Steam, and it's ready to blast off for £39.99 in time for mankind's annual chocolate egg eating weekend, otherwise known as Easter.

Frontier's space launch just snuck up, and still remains available through their official online store. It's unclear whether current owners will be able to activate their copies through Steam in the future.

Mac client in beta for Elite: Dangerous, big update announcement "in around three weeks' time"

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Frontier is firing up the beta thrusters for the Elite: Dangerous Mac client this week, with a select few commanders being chosen for the rocky space flight. There's also a tease for the "biggest update so far" for the space sim.

The Powerplay update will be detailed in "around three weeks' time," and includes a "new method of interaction" in the game, and features AI-controlled drones for loot scavenging, mining and fuelling.

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