Elite: Dangerous

The triumvirate superpowers of the Empire, Federation and Independents dominate human space and constantly skirmish to outmanoeuvre one another on their frontiers.
EU & US Release date: 16 Dec, 2014

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Frontier responds to Elite: Dangerous downgrade concerns

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Elite: Dangerous players have been complaining that the space sim's latest major update downgrades the visuals, reducing the quality and sharpness of the game's textures and dialing down on some of the more demanding environmental effects, like the dust and fog found in ring systems.

Developer Frontier has responded to these accusations (which are handily gathered here), explaining the changes and acknowledging the fact that players want more control, over the way the game looks on their system.

Frontier releasing Powerplay update today for Elite: Dangerous

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The third major free update for space sim and MMO Elite: Dangerous will be leaving Frontier Developments and taking to the stars today. Powerplay includes new ships, new features and an "all-new strategic layer" to the game.

Commanders can now pledge allegiance to galactic Powers and join battles in their name. The community can help guide their chosen faction as they vie for control in the Milky Way galaxy.

Elite: Dangerous now available for Mac gamers

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Frontier has announced the Mac version of MMO space sim Elite: Dangerous has taken flight among the stars. Those who own the game already can now launch on either PC or Mac with both sharing the same universe.

This includes a Mac version through Steam which Frontier recently handed out keys for. Mac Commanders can enjoy exactly the same content as their PC brethren.

Non-Steam Elite: Dangerous players will receive a key to register their game on Valve's platform this month

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Frontier Developments has announced that Elite: Dangerous players who own a non-Steam version of the space sim will soon receive a code that will let them register their product on Valve's retail platform.

Don't worry if you already own half the galaxy's ore reserves, either; Frontier and Valve are working on a way to connect existing accounts with Steam, so none of your progress is lost.

Elite: Dangerous to receive "new way to play" with Powerplay, take part in "ongoing battle for interstellar conquest"

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The next major update to Elite: Dangerous from developer Frontier will be pitting the galactic powers against one another in Powerplay, where Commanders will choose their side and help a faction dominate.

Each organisation is "fully fleshed-out" featuring perks, political leanings and a biography. They either grow in influence or fall to ruin as players help these factions vie for control.

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