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Frontier Developments Set To Auction Off Planet Coaster Collectables In Honor Of Special Effect

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Christmas is the time for giving, no? And what better way to give than by giving through the art of watching the developers of Planet Coaster show us how building a theme park should be done. On December 19 at around midday GMT, Frontier Developments will livestream both Planet Coaster and Elite: Dangerous while auctioning off some unique collectables in the name of charity.

The Elite Dangerous Community Are Not Impressed With Frontier Developments Lack Of Support

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Having just released Planet Coaster to critical acclaim, it's hard to see Frontier Developments in anything but a bright white, angelic light. But the group works on more than just the popular park management sim, and the players of their other project - Elite Dangerous - are not too pleased with their actions.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons The Guardians Update - Everything you need to know

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There are some fairly big changes coming to Frontier's Elite Dangerous in the new Guardians update.

Elite: Dangerous no longer supporting 32 bit or DirectX 10

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Elite:Dangerous launched almost 2 year years ago and with it being one of those games that updates regularly and will probably be updating for a long time to come so that they can achieve their end goals it has come to light that one of the things that is holding the game back is the support they provide for 32 bit operating systems as well as support for DirectX 10. As a result the support is going to come to an end soon, so that they will be able to focus on providing the quality that they want.

Watch out, Elite: Dangerous players, the Thargoids are coming

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The insectoid aliens known as the Thargoids were staples of previous Elite titles, but the hostile bugs from parts unknown have been notably absent from Elite: Dangerous. But it looks like signs are slowly starting to appear warning of an impending invasion, and some intrepid players are around to decipher them.

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