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Close Quarters Combat mode debuts in Elite: Dangerous

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The Xbox One version of Elite: Dangerous launches today, and with it a new gameplay mode which will also be available in the PC version: Close Quarters Combat. The new mode will allow for players to engage in PvP dogfights with their ships.

SteamVR and HTC Vive support coming to Elite: Dangerous this year

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Elite: Dangerous developer Frontier has been fairly up-front about how important VR is to the future of the space exploration game, so it's no surprise to hear that the team is gearing up for the release of Valve's Vive headset.

"Happy to announce Elite Dangerous is coming to SteamVR and HTC Vive with a free update later this year," wrote a member of the studio's PR team on Twitter.

Elite: Dangerous expansion Horizons announced, pricing structure angers fans

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Elite: Dangerous is getting a new expansion called Horizons, which is described by developer Frontier as a “season of major gameplay expansions” that will continue through 2016. It kicks off with a Planetary Exploration module, which allows players to mine resources and take on hostile forces in a new Scarab recon vehicle.

Which would be all very well, but Frontier's approach to pricing for the new expansion has left many Elite backers feeling pretty disgruntled.

Frontier responds to Elite: Dangerous downgrade concerns

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Elite: Dangerous players have been complaining that the space sim's latest major update downgrades the visuals, reducing the quality and sharpness of the game's textures and dialing down on some of the more demanding environmental effects, like the dust and fog found in ring systems.

Developer Frontier has responded to these accusations (which are handily gathered here), explaining the changes and acknowledging the fact that players want more control, over the way the game looks on their system.

Frontier releasing Powerplay update today for Elite: Dangerous

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The third major free update for space sim and MMO Elite: Dangerous will be leaving Frontier Developments and taking to the stars today. Powerplay includes new ships, new features and an "all-new strategic layer" to the game.

Commanders can now pledge allegiance to galactic Powers and join battles in their name. The community can help guide their chosen faction as they vie for control in the Milky Way galaxy.

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