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Elite Dangerous hitting Oculus Rift in time for launch

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We recently heard that Elite Dangerous wasn’t officially coming to Oculus, and that the developers ”chosen to focus on SteamVR.” But today, they’re singing a different tune!

Elite: Dangerous sticking with SteamVR, won't support Oculus RIft

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Despite using the Oculus Rift VR headset in the past to demo Elite: Dangerous, Frontier Developers has confirmed that the game will not officially support the device. Instead, it will have official compatbility with the Steam VR.

Elite: Dangerous has sold 1.4 million copies to date

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Frontier Developers has announced that since the game's launch back in December 2014, the space sim Elite: Dangerous has sold 1.4 million units across all platforms, including PC, Mac and the Xbox One.

Frontier announces Planetary Landings beta for Elite: Dangerous now starting, details upcoming DLC for Horizons in 2016

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Frontier Developments has announced that the beta to test out the major new Planetary Landings feature of its Horizons Season Pass for Elite: Dangerous is now live.

Planetary Landings allows players to travel from space to the surface of a world, and then explore the world's land for the first time in Elite. They'll be able to fly over the surface in their spacecraft, then drop out a Scarab SRV (surface reconnaissance vehicle) and drive around the place - all in one continuous action, with no breaks or loading screens.

New video shows off planetary exploration in Elite: Dangerous - Horizons

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One of the major new features of the Horizons expansion to Elite: Dangerous is the ability to not only land your ship on bodies in deep space, but to also get out of the ship and explore. Frontier Developments released an excerpt from a recent live stream to show off both new aspects, as a developer took a circular tour of his landed Corvette on a small body.

Elite: Dangerous - Horizons is due to be released this coming Holiday 2015.

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